you can ping google but not facebook setup

hello connection i am creating techincal blog for u that you can restrict any web address by following these steps and you can acess what you want

#its a networking magic

route -n to see the route table

  • 12.1 Use Ansible playbook to Configure Reverse Proxy i.e. Haproxy and update it’s configuration file automatically on each time new Managed node (Configured With Apache Webserver) join the inventory.
  • 12.2 Configure the same setup over AWS using instance over there.


  • I used Redhat-8 as a controller node. Make sure your…

Introduction of openshift :

OpenShift is a cloud development Platform as a Service (PaaS) developed by Red Hat. It is an open source development platform, which enables the developers to develop and deploy their applications on cloud infrastructure. It is very helpful in developing cloud-enabled services. This tutorial will help you understand OpenShift and…

What we will do in this article:

  1. Installing helm in windows
  2. Create helm chart for Jenkins
  3. Install helm chart that we will create
  4. Create a simple job in Jenkins fir testing Jenkins setup
  5. Publish chart on



Helm is the package manager of the Kubernetes. It binds all the pre-configured resources in a package of an application…

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